SongwritingWith:Soldiers was created with the goal of helping active duty and veteran U.S. soldiers by telling their stories through song. In pairing professional songwriters with military members in single-day workshops and multi-day retreat settings, we create an environment that focuses on listening, building trust, and collaboration. Together, a soldier and songwriter weave his or her personal experience into a song, taking the soldier's words and improvising a melody to match their stories. From invisible battle scars to a spouse's isolation to the surge of adrenaline before a dangerous patrol, the resulting songs are as diverse as the participants themselves. The songs are recorded with the soldiers to take with them and share with their families and beyond.

In addition to helping wounded soldiers and their families cope with the transition in returning to civilian life, the program also seeks to foster awareness of the issues and challenges faced by veterans.

SongwritingWith:Soldiers is a 501 c(3) non-profit organization.

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Darden Smith
Founder, Creative Director