A New Entry, Inc.

A New Entry is a grassroots, board-governed 501(c)(3) non-profit with a strong history of serving the community since November 2004.  A New Entry was incorporated in July 2005 and is 80% minority-governed.  We substantially include target population representation on the board, staff and within volunteer and peer support operations.

Our staff is made up of highly trained, educated and experienced individuals who have weathered life’s storms and choose to serve from grateful and passionate hearts. A New Entry now provides or facilitates the provision of the following services for the homeless, those in recovery, and formerly incarcerated persons.

Goal-oriented case management services including development of (1) permanent housing, (2) living-wage employment, and (3) personal stability. Employment access and retention support through training, collaboration and practical resources. Facilitating access to affordable, supportive housing, including two A New Entry managed recovery-supportive homes. One-on-one and group counseling and education classes for moral and spiritual development, anger management, domestic violence, and addictions. Development and placement of adult mentors and volunteers.

A New Entry has been working with the Department of Veterans Affairs for about a year to end homelessness in Austin.  In order to be eligible for the program the Veteran must have been involved in the criminal justice system in the last year. This could mean on parole, probation, pending case or just a charge.

They also must have an honorable discharge and served at least 2 years OR be eligible for clinical benefits. Once approved, the client will have 6 months of housing, intensive case management, therapy/counseling, peer support and equine therapy offered to them. We also provide food, monthly events and transportation. 

In order to get a veteran screened, contact Katie Pruitt, case manager with the VA Homeless Outreach Program, at 512-786-4963. Eligible Veterans will fill out an application and be set up for a house tour and interview as part of the screening process. If space is available Veteran can move in almost immediately. If not the client goes on a waiting list until a space is available.

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