iParent - SA

iParent SA® works with all parents in Bexar County needing parenting support and resources. Parents can enroll in case management services, support groups and have access to crisis respite care for their children during challenging times. Parents will work with a highly trained Parent Educator who will help them identify strengths, develop goals and build self-sufficiency



iParent SA® provides a comprehensive network of services  to provide support for parents and families, increase child protective factors, and decrease risk factors within families.

These services include:

  • In-home parenting training
  • Child School Readiness
  • Developmental Assessments
  • Family Enrichment Activities
  • Case Management
  • 24/7 Crisis Intervention
  • Emergency Day/Overnight Respite

iParent SA® is instrumental in keeping children safe, and keeping at-risk families together. By reducing rates of abuse and neglect, iParent SA® also keeps many children out of the child welfare system. Children who remain safe in their homes have a far better chance at success than children who enter the child welfare system, and have a lower risk for mental health issues, teen parenthood, criminal activity and substance abuse issues.

iParent SA® helps parents to increase their “protective factors,” or conditions known to reduce the likelihood of child abuse and neglect. PROTECTIVE FACTORS include things like the parent’s knowledge of child development, nurturing parenting skills, a dependable social support network, and the bond between parent and child. Protective factors reduce the risk of child abuse and neglect by strengthening the parent-child relationship, and helping parents to cope with difficult situations and everyday stressors.


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