Help Our Wounded (HOW)

Help Our Wounded helps hundreds of American families with everything from words of encouragement to putting them in touch with the right people to recommending resources to bridging the gap during financial crisis. 

Help Our Wounded delivers much needed support, direction and assistance to the caregivers of seriously wounded soldiers and the troops themselves.

  • Emergency Phone Cards for troops to call home from hospital beds overseas
  • Guidance on Navigating the Assistance Maze from other organizations and the government
  • Education about caring for the wounded and the caregiver
  • Financial Assistance with small grants for travel, equipment and other necessities
  • Clearing house of resources to find what you need, when you need it
  • Constant dissemination of DoD, VA and other organizations' efforts to help the severely wounded
  • Connections to local resources as well as national resources to improve the lives of the wounded and their caregivers

Founded by Rosie Babin in 2009, Help Our Wounded's mission is to help severely wounded service members, and those who care for them, by providing direct aid, resources and support – unique to their needs. While there are many resources for caregivers, the needs of those caring for the wounded veterans are unique and more complex.

HOW was formed to be a resource not only help with the emotional and medical sides of this demanding role but the real how-to of navigating the military resources available to these families.

We serve as a mentor, support system and knowledgeable resource to caregivers and wounded veterans. HOW provides accurate and actionable information and guidance based on the collective experience of those who have already worked within the system for many years and who know where to go, what to do, who to ask and HOW to ask. 


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