Fort Bend Veterans Companion Dog Program

Fort Bend Veterans Companion Dog Program
Serving veterans and their families living in Fort Bend County

We are currently offering a veteran with a disability who is a resident of Fort Bend County the opportunity to be trained with and receive a companion dog.  A companion dog can improve a veteran’s quality of life and help him or her live more independently.


To be eligible the veteran must:

  • Be able to participate in training.  They must have transportation and the ability to be work with the trainer.
  • Be financially capable of maintaining care after the training is over, i.e., feed the dog and take the dog to veterinarian visits.


*We would like to identify a veteran by the end of summer. Please contact Elise Hough at Easter Seals as soon as possible if you have a good candidate.

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Contact Elise Hough

713-838-9050 ext. 306