Angel Wheels

The Angel Bus is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to providing compassionate, non-emergency long-distance ground transportation to patients in need.  Angel Bus, which utilizes motor coaches and their volunteer drivers as well as commercial buses, was founded by Mr. William L. (Bill) Connor in May 2000.  The inspiration for founding Angel Bus was derived when Bill’s son, Jaran, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. His treatment required routine travel, hours away from home.  Bill’s hard work and dedication to the mission of Angel Bus resulted in the rapid increase in the number of volunteer drivers wishing to provide their service.  Angel Bus quickly became a lifeline for many families as volunteer drivers were matched with missions in various regions of the United States. 

Mercy Medical Airlift, a national nonprofit corporation, took over operation of Angel Bus in 2009 and is actively working to fulfill Bill’s vision of providing charitable ground transportation to patients in need.  Mercy Medical Airlift has been in operation for over 30 years and has earned the top four-star rating from Charity Navigatorfor six consecutive years.

Patients may access help from Angel Bus by calling 1-800-768-0238 or by emailing  

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Angel Wheels Trips

During the past 3 months  Angel Wheels provided over 500 trips. The trips were for patient travel to distant medical care for a public benefit of over $9,000 while traveling over 46,000 miles.

Currently the most commonly used resource for these trips were:

  1. 70% Gas Card
  2. 27% Greyhound
  3. 3% Amtrak

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