American Corporate Partners

American Corporate Partners (ACP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting veterans in their transition from the armed services to the civilian workforce. With the help of business professionals nationwide, ACP offers veterans tools for long-term career development through mentoring, career counseling, and networking opportunities. With the belief that one-on-one relationships enhance an atmosphere of mutual understanding, respect, and support, ACP aims to strengthen the connection between corporate America and veteran communities.

ACP has two distinct professional-development programs for veterans: an online network offering business advice and a nationwide mentoring program.

ACP AdvisorNet is an online business Q&A community that connects veterans and their immediate family members with business leaders across the country. Through an interactive and easy-to-use interface, veterans can ask questions about career development, employment, and small business; follow Q&A threads; and message users to initiate private conversations. The site is open to all current and former service members and their immediate family. Business leaders nationwide looking to share their expertise and advice can sign up as Advisors. All users are able to see the professional and/or military backgrounds of other users, promoting an environment of accountability and trust.

ACP's nationwide Mentoring Program connects veterans with professionals from some of America's top corporations and select universities. Veterans are mentored on topics ranging from résumé building and job market knowledge to networking and leadership. Any veteran who has served on active duty for at least 180 days since 2001, including spouses of those wounded or killed in action, is eligible to apply. All mentors are employees of one of ACP's Participating Institutions.


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