Women Vets Salvation Army Volu

Let's volunteer at the Salvation Army to distribute food in order to feed the hungry of San Antonio. It will be on our calendar every 3rd Friday of the month. Again, this will take place on a Friday. It is a week day.

During Food Distribution, the SA Food Bank fights hunger by distributing bags of groceries to those in need. During each event, the Salvation Army serves anywhere between 100 to 300 families. Come help our cause and truly make a difference in our community.

Volunteer's assist by:

- Interacting with those waiting in line for our service
- Transporting groceries to their vehicles
- Packing groceries for distribution

This is a family friendly event. However, you must be at least 15 years old to volunteer for this event. A pre-orientation is not required to volunteer. When you arrive, sign-in on the far left side of the building where you see people lining up. Then introduce yourselves to each other and just wait for the person-in-charge to come out and brief everyone. He/She will explain the process - what he/she needs from us and where they need the most help.

Dress Code:
Wear comfortable clothing, shoes and a pair of light gloves. We will be working outside and a couple of areas require walking fast (just a couple).

Take and Post pictures if you can AND have fun!