Spouses Transition Too: Burden of the Transition Checklist

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Military and Veteran Spouses transition too! Military spouses and partners are often tasked with coordinating PCS moves, navigating family life during deployments, and much more throughout their families' time in the military. But how do you manage transitioning to the civilian world? 

Transition can mean a lot of things. Finally being able to finish your degree or establish a career. Seeing family more often. Spending more time together as a couple. Sometimes transition can also mean moving to a new community again, leaving your role as a military spouse behind, and finding that the support you received as a military spouse does not exist once you are a veteran spouse. That is why we are hosting our first-ever transition series for spouses and partners! 

Join us each week in May to connect with others going through the transition from military spouse/partner to veteran spouse/partner! Each session is open to new participants. Sign up for the one's that interest you or sign up for all. 

To be eligible, you must be a military spouse or partner and your family must be within one year prior to leaving the military. Veteran spouses and partners that left the military within the last year are also encouraged to join. All participants must reside in Texas. 


On May 11th, 2021 we will host "The Burden of the Transition Checklist." In this session, we will discuss the challenges of managing transition. We know that military spouses are often tasked with the mental load of planning and coordinating moves including the move to civilian life. Come connect with others going through the same struggles.