Our Goals

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Join us for an opportunity to connect with other veteran spouses and committed partners. This group will give participants a sneak-peek into our Veteran Spouse Resiliency Program (V-SRG), leading participant's through the curriculum's 4th Session: Our Goals. 

The purpose of this session is to help you consider your own personal goals, just for yourself, separate from your spouse, partner, or family. This session leads you through activities that will not only help you realize what you want for your life but how to get there, step by step. 

Please note that in order to maintain an intimate, collaborative discussion environment, we are keeping the registration cap number small. To ensure that all those wishing to participate are able to attend, please only register if you plan to attend. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, impacting your schedule. If you realize after the fact that you are unable to attend, you will be able to cancel your registration at any time - this will open up your slot to other participants who are hoping to attend. It is also recommended that you have the ability to show your camera during the session to make the session feel more like the in-person sessions. 

Note: To be eligible for this group you must be the spouse or committed partner of a post-service veteran, or of an active duty service member who is within 1 year of separation from the military.