MVPN Basic Training

     This certification class, gives those in attendance a better understanding of what the MVPN is, how it operates, and some of the aspects one might find when dealing with Veterans and their families. This period of instruction goes further into the current crisis situation Combat Veterans are in, statistics surrounding returning Veterans, and how to recognize a Veteran in crisis.

Military Veteran Peer Network is a Texas Veterans Commission agency task with meeting veterans in the community through peer service, mental health referral and resource guidance. We utilize volunteers to help us reach veterans in the community offering trust, commoraderie and hope. Volunteers are invaluable to our mission. This training educates our volunteers on the mission of MVPN, how to volunteer as a peer, and what volunteer oppurtunities we have in the veteran community. By completing this basic training, a volunteer can then be considered for other volunteer positions which require state paid training under the umbrella of the Texas Veterans Commission.

The Military Veteran Peer Network is an organization under the Texas Veterans Commission, that helps coordinate volunteers, by utilizing all different types of people and services to aid Veterans and their families (SMVF), Clinical staff, Doctors, Lawyers, Retired Citizens, Law Enforcement, Federal, State, County Employees and general volunteers, all come in contact with the MVPN in order to better access Veterans at the local level in a productive way.