Military Spouse Resiliency Group-Focus Group

Cost to Attend Event: 

We want to hear from you about what issues you would like to see covered in a new program of peer support offered to military spouses. Help us create a new peer support program, designed with spouses, for spouses!

This focus group will take place on Zoom and last approximately 2 hours. The focus group will be audio-recorded for future reference. Participant names will not be shared. All information gathered will be used to create a curriculum for the Military Spouse Resiliency Groups. 

The purposes of the study are to gain the perspectives of active-duty military spouses about issues and topics that they face, and ways that peer support programming can offer them needed support on each topic. 

To participate, you must be an active-duty military spouse. You also must be willing to join a focus group discussion about challenges you face in your life. If you choose to participate, you will be asked to participate in a focus group and share your opinions and experiences. This will take from up to 2 hours.

Risks or discomforts from this research include feeling sadness or distress about challenges that you are facing in your life. 

The possible benefits of this study include contributing your insights and experiences to help develop peer support programs for active-duty military spouses. New attendees will receive a $20 Tango gift card for their participation. 

Taking part in this research study is voluntary. You do not have to participate, and you can stop at any time.

Principal Investigator: Elisa Borah, Ph.D., the University of Texas at Austin