Military Marriage Retreat

Occurs on (Central Time):

About This Event: 

This is one-day RETREAT for Veteran and Military couples to strengthen marriage and intimate relationships.  It is led by a Veteran Couple in a safe, friendly environment.  It is fun and confidential.  We promise there is no-bull, no death by PowerPoint, no proselytizing.  It is not counseling, it is real tools for real relationships! 

You will Build Stronger Bonds with the following Couple Links:

  • Ways to deeply know your partner,
  • Respectfully cultivate trust and heal trust wounds,
  • Learn to rely on each other by knowing and fulfilling your partner's needs,
  • Develop resilience for changes and crises with renewed commitment,
  • Enrich intimacy, romance and vitality.

This is an award-winning program; Marriage Management has been serving Veterans and Military since 1980.  See our website at: