When you take the next step, what are you going to do?

The Chronicles of Betty

from the pen of Betty

Bell County State of Texas Seal“It’s not about the tough times, but when you take the next step, what are you going to do?” asked Tony Johnson, CSO (Community Supervisions Officer—or Probation Officer) on the Bell County Veterans Treatment Court Team.

The Bell County Veterans Treatment Court works collaboratively with the VA and other Veteran and community organizations to provide a program that utilizes evidenced-based best-practices that will help Veterans get back on track to being productive members of our community.

The Goal of the Veterans Treatment Court is to promote public safety and assist Veterans or current members of the U.S. armed forces through a collaborative, coordinated system of court supervised treatment that ensures accountability, while empowering Veterans to become integral and productive members of our community.

“Thank you for treating me like a man,” spoke one grateful Veteran in a quiet voice. “… I’m becoming a better person … you treated me like a Soldier.”

Tony Johnson’s challenge not to look backward, but rather, to look forward, really struck me. 

It’s something we should all do, no matter what circumstance we’ve come from, what losses we have suffered, what mistakes we have made, what people we have hurt or who have hurt us … it’s all about taking the next best steps … and viewing each day as an opportunity to do it right.

"I thrive off you guys!" said another Veteran graduate. "This is my inspiration!"

"And to the rest of you," he turned and spoke to the Veterans in the audience, still going through the rigorous program. "Hang in there. Just network!"

My personal thank-you goes out to the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Military Veteran Peer Network, and the State officials across Texas counties for putting this important program into place for pre- and post-adjudicated Veterans charged with a misdemeanor offense; whose military or combat-related experiences contributed to the commission of the offense.

For more information on the Bell County Veterans Treatment Court, please follow the link below.  If you are interested in volunteering as a mentor, get involved as soon as you can!  Find out if there's a Veterans Court in your county.  If not, push for it!