Waco's One-stop breaks new ground

A few weeks ago we told you about the efforts in Waco to open a home that veterans could use as they transition to a better life and that would stabilize them while the Waco Veterans One-Stop offered wraparound services to them.  Now, that home is open and the first residents are in.  Check out this great story on Logan and his family as they start a new chapter of life in a home provided by the hard work and generosity of a bunch of folks in Waco. 

Executing something like this is a big lift and the folks in Waco are up to it because of the vision, energy, and effort of the Military Veteran Peer Network’s Peer Service Coordinator – Delisa Russell.  Many people came together to get this done but there has to be someone leading the way and few do it as well as she.  Look at the details in this house and the reasonable plan to let this veteran and their family determine their course.  There are no guarantees and challenges will arise but this family is set for success and there are enough resources dedicated to them to offer support while launching them anew. 

Too often we see people try to launch huge projects without resources.  Or, try to spread a few resources too thin.  Our friend Ted jokes about how, if you give a social worker money to buy a meal for a homeless person, they will give inadequate snacks to three people and buy one shoe for someone else, not completely satisfying anyone, in the spirit of “helping more.”  By focusing on one family with the proper application of effort, this home project stands a better chance of success.  Regardless, the home is beautiful; the effort is real; and the outlook is good.  This is a great way to get after it!



March 6, 2018 - 9:10am