The Vietnam War - by Ken Burns & ATX Veterans

We’ve been proud to be included as a resource for local PBS affiliate KRLU’s presentation of Ken Burns’ “The Vietnam War” including locally produced content from veterans like Don Dorsey and Glen Towery. The series will open locally with a premiere event which has already filled.  But take heart – if you’ve got folks interested KRLU is making it possible to host your own showings.  You can apply here.  Definitely check out their pages which link to local resources and offer a preview of this compelling series. 


for Tues., Sept.19th at 9 pm on KLRU PBS Television

Central Texans share their experiences during the Vietnam War. Through firsthand accounts, hear from veterans, immigrants from South Vietnam, protesters and others as they recount their lives before, during and after the war. Their perspectives are as much alike as they are different.  


We went to a preview a few months ago and I must say: if you think you know everything about the Vietnam War, you may be surprised. Many in the audience were – veteran or supporter alike.  The opening is upon us.  Check out KRLU and get ready for the Vietnam War.

September 1, 2017 - 12:03pm