Guest Blog - The Suicide

Betty got a call yesterday from this young man and courageous Veteran.  He tells a compelling story below:   The Suicide- November 22, 2010 I attempted suicide while still in the Army.  This is just over a year after being back from Iraq.  It was just one day and I just decided I was done.  I had tried to get help by seeing a psychologist on base who in the end decided to call me a liar.  So I had no one to talk to, and didn't want to seem weak to my battle buddies.  I went home and took 4 full bottle of different types of pills, drank a few beers and punches holes in walls across my house.  All of a sudden I felt the pills kicking in and felt myself dying and quickly realized I had made a mistake and called 9-11.  I woke up the next day in the hospital, everything from the ambulance and hospitals I don't remember.  My E-6 at the time was there and watched as they strapped my down to a bed and shoved a tubing down my throat while I squirmed and fought.  They had to get coal into my body and I wouldn't wake up to just drink it.  I woke up with a catheter inside me and they had told me they called my family.  They couldn't tell my family if I was going to live through the night because they didn't know what type of damage had been done to my kidneys.  When I woke up that morning I turned my life around. I talk about that day because that is when I decided I wasn't going to be another number on the veteran suicide chart helping it get larger, I was going to be a number helping lower it.  That is why I have written this guide and decided to help families understand what a soldier thinks.  My family was so upset and never understood why I had tried to take my own life, so maybe if you could understand more you can try and stop it from happening to your soldier. My Dream- I want to be able to go across the country on a tour to talk to soldiers families.  I want to give speeches and talk to the soldiers and their wives and mothers who are confused and need help.  I WANT TO SAVE A SOLDIERS LIFE!  I am hoping this guide gets me to this dream.  What made me decide to make this guide- After attempting suicide in November of 2010 I decided to make this guide.  I wanted to help fellow soldiers and their families by giving them advice on how to handle certain situations. You can visit his website to hear him tell his own story or to pick up a copy of the book he's put together.  Royalties go to the Wounded Warrior Foundation and recoup his costs.  It's one way of hearing about this deadly problem directly from a survivor.  Find Andrew at:
August 31, 2016 - 7:44am