Don't take that on-RAMP (warning about VA appeals)

Get After It

Thoughts and observations from Perry Jefferies.

Warning about a new VA program

Some of you may have seen the letter pictured below and attached to this message. 

It is from the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) and warns veterans about the VA’s new RAMP program for solving appeals for disability claims.  I know that some of you have seen it because we have been forwarded several copies of the letter.  I’ll let it speak for itself but we at TexVet concur that, if you get one of these letters, run-don’t-walk to a qualified veteran service officer, either at your county, with the Texas Veterans Commission, or with a service organization you trust.  We get a lot of forwards and warnings about things that haven’t happened but when I checked this out, there seems to be reason for concern.  Since I’m not an expert, I called one- David Cantu, longtime Harris County Veteran Service Officer and president of the Veteran County Service Officers Association of Texas (VCSOAT).  “I would encourage any veteran receiving this letter to quickly visit their CSO or another service officer. It might be okay in some cases but in others you could be giving up certain rights or shorting your chance at receiving fair compensation.  Each veteran with a disability is an individual and they need to take a good look at this.” 

We echo that at TexVet.  You can find a list of CSOs on our front page.  See them as trusted and expert resources.  Or call one of the others.  They really get after it.  Just don’t blindly take that RAMP.