Boots on the Air June 12, 2017

Get After It

Thoughts and observations from Perry Jefferies.

KOOP Radio (91.7 FM in the Austin area) came through again, allowing us to connect great researchers with their listening audience.  Our theme this week was “Research on Veteran’s Recovery and Well-Being.”  Our guests were Dr. Michael Russell, the director of Waco (and all of Texas) VISN 17’s Center of Excellence for Research on Returning War Veterans, Dr. Suzannah Creech from the Center of Excellence, and Dr. Elisa Borah, from UT’s School of Social Work.  They are all experienced leaders and acknowledged experts in the fields of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Veteran Family Programs and program evaluation, and military families and children. 

As always, we had a cordial but wide ranging discussion of some of the current research for Veterans.  They also discussed funding and that, while the VA and Department of Defense fund a lot or research, their institutions more frequently are turning to private foundations and donations to pay for this important work. 

Each has ongoing studies and trials and can only do this work and improve the lives of Veterans and families everywhere when people volunteer to answer surveys, get interviewed, and more.  To learn more about what they do or to get involved, check out the links below:

Drs. Russell and Creech – the VISN 17 Center of Excellence:

Dr. Borah and the Veteran Spouse Network  (

KOOP has more than 60 unique, locally-produced programs airing every week. Each of these programs is produced by an individual or by a collective of members. Any member of the community can join our organization and apply to produce a radio program — and KOOP provides the facilities and the training.  You can hear a replay of the program here:

These folks really get after it and, like Michael Brown says – they do great radio!