An Army update

It’s been a while since I updated here, while the team makes many underlying changes to the site to increase ease of use, accuracy of searches, and enhance collaborative support.  With the Army’s win in the Army-Navy game it is a good time to talk about my old hangouts.

Happy 100th Birthday, 4th Infantry Division.  Though based in Colorado now, Fort Hood will always have a place in it for the Ivy Division – steadfast and loyal!


Congratulations to the Texas National Guard’s CSM John Sampa.  He’s been a great senior enlisted advisor to our state’s military forces and now moves up to serve as the entire National Guard’s 12th Command Sergeant Major of the National Guard.  Texas should be proud of him and proud to contribute this soldier’s experience to the nation.

If you’re in Austin this week, learn a little more about the history of the Army by attending the Living History Foundation’s Meet-n-Greet Wednesday night at the Millenium Youth Entertainment Complex.  Texas Park’s own Buffalo Soldiers will be there.

While I tend to highlight the experiences I am familar with, it's important to remember the sacrifices of all our service folks, whether on land, sea, air, or here at home taking care of them.  As we approach the Christmas and Winter holidays, look around and see who's not connected.  When troops lose the tight knit families they served with, the sense of emptiness can be powerful.  Our buddies are out there - give someone a call or an invite.  Help them stay Army Strong (or you know, whatever the others say).


All y'all - stay after it.

December 11, 2017 - 10:47am