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Standards for Trust

There are more than 10,000 veteran nonprofits registered in Texas. Nonprofits have little oversight and fewer guarantees of quality. Additionally, predatory for-profit entities (such as payday loans) seek to profit from veterans in need, instead of helping. TexVet's mission is to turn back the tide of overwhelming data and misinformation that threaten our most vulnerable veterans daily. Our database is comprised of government agencies, reliable nonprofits, and vetted local resources.  For the last 10 years, veterans have relied on our virtual one-stop of trustworthy information.

What kind of entities meet TexVet's Standards for Trust?

Qualifying services meet one or more of the following:

  • Federal, state, county, and/or municipal government social service programs
  • Receives a Texas Veterans Commission (TVC), Texas Veterans + Family Alliance (TV+FA), or similar qualifying grant.
  • Listed on the Texas 2-1-1 Database or Texas 2-1-1 public website
  • Health and human service advocacy groups and professional organizations
  • Provide Toll-free hotlines and websites which provide information about/or direct access to a health or human service to Texans
  • Formed for socialization and camaraderie of Military and Veterans, or unification of former military units
  • Unincorporated Groups that conform to ethical and business standards
  • Provide a high-need service from one of TexVet's existing categories.


Non-Qualifying Services:

  • Appear predatory
  • Seek to profit from veterans*
  • Repudiate therapeutically sound practices
  • Failure to adequately protect clients’ privacy rights
  • Misrepresentation of, or Failure to- deliver services
  • Fraudulent or Criminal Activity
  • Discrimination
  • Serious complaints lodged against the organization by TexVet Partners or a regulatory body
  • Organizations that would otherwise qualify but do not provide high-need services.


*Rarely, TexVet will list for-profit entities. These are always clearly marked.

“For Profit” entities:

  • Private universities that accept the GI Bill
  • For-Profit vital need health facilities where nonprofit or public facilities are lacking, such as mental health hospitals
    • Coming 2019- For-Profit Mental Health facilities will be required to demonstrate military cultural competency


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