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Kathryn J. Kotrla, M.D. and Colonel Lori Sutton, commander of the Carl R. Darnell Army Medical Center at Fort Hood, worked together to identify and then address the needs of service members, veterans and the families thereof. Those efforts convinced them that there was a lack of widespread access to high-quality information about benefits and services available to the military and veteran communities. Thus, they decided to create TexVet and establish TexVet.org as an online information resource.  State funding for TexVet arrived in April of 2007 with the passage of S.B. 1058 that mandated the Texas Adjutant General's Department develop a program to provide referrals to service members for reintegration services.  Soon thereafter, Dr. Kotrla accepted a position at the Texas A&M University Health Science Center and, as part of that employment agreement, brought the TexVet program with her.

Since then, there have been many reorganizations. TexVet now receives funding from the Texas A&M University Health Science Center and Texas Health and Humans Services (HHS). TexVet has an annual performance contract with Texas HHS that supports the agency’s Mental Health Program for Veterans; per the terms of said contract, TexVet provides trusted information and resources, with a focus on mental health service, to veterans and veteran-serving organizations.

Initial Core Mission

To be the “hub” for trusted information and resources to service members, veterans, families, and veteran-serving organizations, and provide technical assistance, to include collecting, analyzing, and processing data and information.



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covers development of innovative veteran resources, like the Clickable County Resource Map.

Note: The values and results quoted above provide an accurate and representative example of some of TexVet's costs and activities. They do not indicate specific fund allocation.

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